How can you get started?

Well you can’t use what you don’t actually have right!? So the question is how do you get them!

Young Living oils are not available in stores and shops and YL chose this business design with purpose! If you go to your local shops and health food places, that cashier is not going to be able to properly educate you on the oils, or join you into a world-wide community that is learning and growing the way Young Living members are together!  And I don’t personally keep EOs in stock to sell and the reason is it’s best to have direct contact and orders directly through YL. My goal is simply to show you how to get your own membership and help you get setup so you can choose and order yourself and get them shipped DIRECTLY to you! Not me, not anyone else but to YOUR FRONT DOOR!

You are in control! You order what you want, when you want, how much you want, how little you want. It is literally what YOU want!  How to do this? You become a wholesale member of YL by ordering your first Premium Starter kit here

I know a lot of people get scared of “wholesale member” talk because they aren’t interested in any type of business with oils! And guess what!? That is 100% ok! You may ask what is this? What does this entail? Is this something I have to sell? Is this something I have to do sales and take people’s money? No! I’m not here for your wallet! I’m not here for your money! I am here for your health and to help you get there! Someone once described this perfectly like a Sams or Costco membership. You get the benefits for your family. You get to take advantage of the massive discount on all of the products and your life gets changed!

There is no extra required work involved in you using oils! You just get to enjoy this beautifully put together kit with some of the ABSOLUTE TOP OILS and for a massive discount!

Now, there is one requirement for your account to remain active and that is a $50 order a YEAR! Not a week, month, 4 or 6 months, no mandatory autoship and no sales quotas! And I guarantee when you get into using your kit oils, you WILL love them and will eventually run out of one or more! So within the next 365 days, you can simply replenish your go to favs and keep it active! Easy!!! This beautiful kit full of oils along with many samples and info and your choice of diffuser is only $160! Now depending which diffuser you do choose can depend on a price difference, but the base kit is only $160. So you get almost $400 of products and a lifetime 24% discount and a whole new lease on health that doesn’t even have a price! So if you’re ready to jump-start a new adventure, it’s easy and I am here 100% for help, support and guidance!!!! I hope you have enjoyed this time of learning and hanging out! Any questions about the kit or process, let me know!!!

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose which membership you want

Step 3: Choose which Premium Starter Kit value you want

Step 4: Enroll in Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program *

(not mandatory–more info at bottom of page)

Step 5: Continue through your enrollment personal information

Step 6: Enjoy knowing your Wellness Box is headed your way!!

Any questions or need help, I’m available! Contact Shoot me an email or

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*Get the Most from Your Membership Essential Rewards

Do you love getting the best deal when you shop? Me too! Young Living has a monthly box program called Essential Rewards that helps you get the most from your membership!
It’s kind of like a credit card rewards program but FAR more generous. Essential Rewards gives you points back for each month’s purchase. For the first 3 months, you get back 10%
of your order PV. During months 4 through 24, you earn 20% back. For months 25 and beyond, you get back 25%! You can redeem these points just like dollars on the Young Living website.
They spend point for dollar! I’ve never seen a rewards program that’s so generous! With some monthly box programs, you get the Mystery Box of the Month — whatever happens to be in it.
Not with Essential Rewards! You get to choose whatever fits your needs and goals. You also choose which day of the month your order processes. You’re in charge! When you join Essential Rewards,
you agree to purchase at least 50PV worth of products each month. Pack your box with oils, supplements, makeup, personal care products, home cleaners… whatever you choose!
You can cancel at any time by calling Member Services. No hassle. No arm twisting. Essential Rewards is totally optional, but it can help you take baby steps (or giant leaps!) closer to your goals each month!

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