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family“To truly accomplish our vision of taking the priceless benefits of our essential oils and oil-infused products to every home in the world, every possible effort is required. We seek ways to take positive, powerful action every day in every way. Ours is a proactive culture-never a reactive one.” Gary Young 1950-2018

I’ve been using oils faithfully for not quite 2 years now.  I’ve actually had the oils since 2015! I literally just stuck them away and didn’t look back! To me they were just overpriced bottles of smell good liquid! Looking back I wish I would’ve started using them right away! I cant believe the difference they have made! It all started after Juliana was born and she got a really bad cold! She was so congested and yucky so I grabbed Vicks!


I mean I know we all have used it since its generational product right! So here she is sick and now covered in grease and I open up my Facebook while she’s sleeping next to me on our couch. Without even trying, an article popped up in my feed about what is IN VICKS AND WHAT IT DOES TO OUR BODIES! And it started with a huge title of DO NOT USE ON CHILDREN!!  I froze! I just put this on my newborn daughter! I sat for a few minutes as disbelief and denial ran through me….and then I grabbed a rag and started removing it and literally prayed that she didn’t have some of the adverse breathing reactions that have injured and even lead to death in some infant cases that I had just read about! Needless to say, I didn’t leave her alone for most of the day just to make sure! So now I have a sick girl and I have no clue of what to do! Should I take her in for antibiotics?  Do I just let it run its course? But see, she was NOT feeling good at all so I just couldn’t stand by! I grab my phone and text my brother in law Josh Pero!


He is family but also my direct upline in Young Living and I had seen for 2 years now how dedicated he was in his oils! I hoped and yet knew that he would point me in the right direction of how to use those bottles in my closet upstairs. I ended up going and grabbing Lavender, lemon and thieves and peppermint and began the 1st step in my oil journey! I plugged in the diffuser and dropped in 1 drop of each, and even rubbed a drop of each heavily diluted onto her chest, spine and toes!


Within the next day I just could NOT believe the change in her! She seemed to breathe easier and even her nose seemed to be clearing up! So I made a “yucky germ blaster” roller that I keep full to this day!!! So that was it! I was now an oil user and started researching the MANY MANY MANY MANY different ways I could use these 11 oils that I had already had tucked away! From germ busting to grease busting all the way to air purifying to mopping my floors, oils were our daily life! I knew others were making some type of business out of this but I refused to be part of those pyramid schemes that made others rich while I died trying to make sales. I simply used oils for my family at my home. Then friends and family would comment about ailments, medicines, side effects of meds and so on. I knew an oil that would help!


You all have heard “I have an oil for that?” It rings pure truth to this girl!


I would make them samples and help out and then they fell in love and got their own kits! Well Young Living started sending me thank you checks! I couldn’t believe I was getting paid without “working!” And to this day, I never share oils to make a buck! I don’t worry about a sales quota, keeping any type of product stock or anything else that goes along with MLM jobs! I use oils, I love oils and I share oils! That is my take away!! That is why I welcome y’all here to learn what these little oils are and the huge impact they have!!!!!!  I am not here for your wallet!!!!  I really hope you just enjoy this fun learning! This is how I got started and these are the oils I started with!! The premium Desert Mist kit is the one full of the top 11 oils that I started with! I can’t even count how many times we’ve had to replace them!! Learn more at and check out the different diffusers and kits!!

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